Tinker Fairy Inspired Shoes

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So excited to release my Tinkerbell inspired shoes!
Let me tell you a little bit about them.
The fabric is a sealed glitter material so you won’t have any issues with shedding glitter when kids want to just touch your shoes but still keeps the sparkle.

The Pom poms aren’t your classic massive heavy balls weighing down your feet. These specially made Pom poms are super light and fluffy. Featuring gorgeous iridescent fibres inside. They are glued down underneath with a special platform that isn’t ruining the fibre. Kind of like the fibre optic lights you used to play with as a kid. (you can only see the platform if you look right down from the floor).

Lastly, they are leather inside with extra padding against the heel to avoid blisters.

Hope you like them as much as I do!

Current wait time 8-10 weeks not including shipping

We can’t guarantee delivery dates, with custom made items always make sure you have a backup option if they are for an event.